The boot is the most important part of your skiing.
It is the ESSENTIAL interface that ensures comfort throughout your day.

Our experts can customize and optimize the performance of your ski boot to your needs.

It starts with an analysis of your foot to find the boot model that fits you best.

There are many different models for every type of foot.

Throughout the process of purchasing and customizing your ski boot, our experts are there to guide you.

When buying a ski boot, there are 4 important points to determine:

  • The width of the metatarsals
  • The volume of the toe box
  • The height of the instep
  • The heel grip

Then different customization options are available:

Changing the insole

The original insoles often do not provide any stability because they are much too soft.

Instead, we offer molded and pre-molded insoles, structured to the shape of your foot.
This brings stability to the foot, a good support in the boot and a gain in comfort.

The adjustment of the shell

Every foot shape is different and pressure points, pain and discomfort can occur.

Our state of the art equipment allows us to deform the outer shell of your ski boot to gain volume, and also allows us to adjust the liner to fit the foot.

Fine tuning of the canting (the lateral inclination of the shaft) also allows us to compensate for certain morphologies or achieve specific performances.

Your foot deserves comfort!
Make an appointment now with our specialists at +1 (819) 425-3695.

Hourly rate: 75$/hour, taxes included.
1 hour of bootfitting is offered with the purchase of a pair of ski boots in our store.