Ski Tune-up

Whether you are a beginner or a competitive skier, the maintenance of your equipment is at the heart of your skiing experience.
Our experts use state-of-the-art maintenance equipment.

Whether the ski is new, or you have skied several days with it, it needs a specific preparation to optimize its glide and maintain it.

There are different operations to prepare it. At Max Ski Service, we work on:

  • The repair of the base
  • The edges sharpening
  • The structure
  • The gliding wax

A meticulous and professional work guarantees an exceptional quality of glide.

Each ski is unique and requires special attention at every stage of the process.
Sidewall removal with a specialized tool for a precise sharpening of the edge.
Base grinding the ski and printing of a race structure on the base.
Polish the edge with a diamond file to make the edge fall.
Deep gliding wax impregnation with Wax Future.
Finishing and polishing of the base

Other services are also available at the workshop.

Regular tune-up 55$
Junior tune-up (-140cm) 40$
Race tune-up 65$
Wide ski tune-up (90mm and more) 65$
Edge sharpening and base grind 40$
10 tune-up pass 430$
Regular tune-up with bindings 65$
Regular tune-up without bindings 60$
Structure 25$
Structure and wax 35$
Touring skins trimming 25$
Wax with the iron 20$
Wax Future treatment (5 wax/treatment) 70$
Binding installation (Rail system) 30$
Binding installation (Flat ski) 40$
Binding installation (Telemark) 75$
DIN + Boot adjustment 10$
Minor repairs 10$ et +
Major repairs (Patch) 30$ et +

Taxes in addition. These rates are subject to change without notice. For each repair, one of our technicians will confirm with you the work to be done and the associated price.